Oil and Gas Industry

v5 Technologies, Inc. is a certified developer for the State Of Illinois Motor Fuel Division. The company develops custom software applications for numerous Oil and Gas resellers.

The majority of our custom applications for this industry begin with a software template created for this industry by v5. We use this template as the starting point for building customizable applications specific to our Client.

Utilization of this template drastically reduces development time, thus enabling v5 to deliver a customized application to Clients at a greatly reduced cost and within a few months.

Software applications that v5 has developed for this industry integrates all aspects of the Client’s operations including job order, purchase order, inventory tracking, shipping, invoicing, tax calculations and reporting, receivables, payables, and accounting.

Many of our Client’s systems interface with fueling terminal software, thus eliminating Client input of invoicing and shipping details. Additionally, our systems provide Clients with the ability to electronically submit tax information to government agencies.

If you would like to discuss a custom application with us, please feel free to contact us.

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