The perfect management tool for travel consolidators

How would you like to spend more time promoting and marketing your agency and less time managing and monitoring finances?

Are you “bogged” down in paper work? Are you tired of handwriting checks, calculating agent commissions, manually tracking invoices, tickets, refunds and payments? Is so, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the v5-TI software application. This application is an excellent tool for travel managers.

What is v5-TI?

The v5-TI software is a back-office accounting system specifically designed for Retail Travel Agents and Consolidators. This software will “fit” your operation because it is extremely flexible and user-friendly.

v5-TI includes the following:

  •     CRS interface
  •     Automated MCO, exchange, and combined processing
  •     Address Book that contains customer and vendor phone numbers, addresses,   credit card and deposit information
  •     Customer file for your retail and sub-agents
  •     Vendor file for each agency that you purchase from and for airline contracts
  •     Inventory file that you may use to track ARC stock or any other airline stock
  •     Invoice, Refund, Customer and Vendor Payment files
  •     Journal and Chart of Account files with real-time balance sheet and income statement reports
  •     Check book file that allows you to print checks and reconcile numerous bank accounts
  •     Direct faxing of invoice, statements, etc.

Why choose v5-TI?

v5-TI is extremely easy to use and includes a detailed online help manual and numerous help screens. v5-TI is great for the travel agency manager with little or no accounting experience because it automatically creates 99% of your bookkeeping entries. Customer and vendor balances and sales agent commissions are always up-to-date and easily traced. v5-TI prints your checks and maintains your checking account. Your inventory and accounting are always up-to-date so your bottom line is always available to you via the numerous reports included in the application.

If you have any questions or wish to receive a v5-TI brochure, please contact us.

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